Many of you may recognize our family name (Bartels) since my father, mother, and their 6 children traveled the mid-west for 25 years ministering in song, evangelism, and tent meetings, known as “The Singing Bartels Family”. The Lord has blessed my own family with a variety of talents including: construction skills, painting, back-yard Bible clubs, singing (a cappella), and preaching. God has allowed us to minister in several churches by providing special music, preaching, filling the pulpits of churches without a Pastor, as well as ministering in our own local church. My wife and I have been praying for the Lord’s direction with a desire for full-time service for some time now. In October 2012 God dealt in our hearts about becoming a part of New Testament Church Planting (NTCP), which was founded by Dr. Bob Perryman in 1990 and is a ministry of Wilson Creek Baptist Church in Battlefield, MO.

Since that time our family of 9 (John, Dawn, and our 7 children, ages 11-20) has been busy downsizing from a 6 bedroom 3 bath rental property on 35 acres, into an 8’ by 40’ bus on 8 tires. I also had a flooring installation business which we have closed down to free up our time for full-time ministry. We are finally in Battlefield, MO and are ready to start raising support for the work God has called us to.

Bro. Johnston missionary to Haiti told me recently that they had 6 of their supporting churches drop them last year, 4 of those were due to the churches closing their doors! Our desire, as we work on church buildings across the US, is to help strengthen and build the church body. Each year America has @ 4000 churches close and only 1500 new works open, won’t you help us change this?

I am asking that you would prayerfully consider allowing us to visit your church family to share the vision of NTCP and how they have been helping churches across America in the areas of: Building advice, Funding assistance, and Construction labor help over the past 23 years.